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"I was unable to home now then 2 miles without severe knee pain and over the course of treatment with Tess I have been able to make it past 6 miles without any pain. Even back at home I went from having the pain every day multiple times in normal day to just one every two weeks and with less intensity! My knees haven't felt this good since high school."
Jul 30, 2020
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"I've been to Body In Balance for two separate injuries. The first one was a separated shoulder that had multiple cascading effects on my back. After seeing a chiropractor multiple times (no help/relief whatsoever), I walked into Body In Balance. Lara immediately took measurements and began working on identifying the true source/nature of my issues and fixing me. Lara did such a terrific job on my shoulder/back that when I tore my right ACL for the 3rd time and was slated for reconstruct/revision surgery, I contacted her again to help with my post-surgery rehabilitation. Lara is very knowledgeable, good at explaining the physiology and physics behind the various movements required for rehabilitation, and, best of all, personable and fun. I highly recommend Lara and Body In Balance."
Jul 27, 2020
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"Tess helped me to run again with confidence. It’s a great place."
Jul 27, 2020
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"Loved working with Tess. She knows what is best for you and really cares for you to get great recovery! Highly recommend PT here! "
Jul 15, 2020
"Jill did a fantastic job with me even thru a pandemic! I definitely had my ups and downs after my rotator cuff surgery and Jill helped me thru it all. I highly recommend Jill and Body in Balance!!!"
Jul 13, 2020
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"I have been going to Body in Balance off and on for several years. Rick was able to figure out what was going on with my body and find actual solutions that worked - long term - for the postural and muscular problems within my body. I had seen several physical therapists prior to him with no results, and now would not go anywhere else. My health insurance recently changed and even though I now have to pay out of pocket, I will still go to Body and Balance. I had a sudden and severe problem this weekend - completely debilitating - and Rick was unavailable but I got in with Lara. She was equally amazing and I am so thrilled. She was able to assess the problem, find solutions, provide exercises, and maybe most importantly ease my incredibly anxious mind. As a very active person, my health and well-being is incredibly important to me and I trust Body in Balance implicitly."
Jul 13, 2020
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"Great location "
Jul 08, 2020
"Thank you Lara for the time, effort, and preparation you put into my therapy. So glad I was able to find someone who worked wirh my injury in a systematic and interconnected nature! I'd see you again if necessary."
Jul 08, 2020
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"Lara is the best. She has fixed numerous issues for my over at least 5 years."
Jun 25, 2020
"I had a really great experience at Body in Balance! Lara was super knowledgeable and helpful. 10/10 recommend body in balance!"
Jun 05, 2020
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"Wonderful assistance in helping me have my muscles and alignment work to support eliminating pain"
Jun 05, 2020
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"Wonderful place! I am a 67 year-old woman who saw Lara J. for almost a year following a ski accident in which I crushed my right humerus - one plate, nine screws, surgery, crushed bone removed. My surgeon's office apparently told her that they were really not sure how much movement I would recover. (She didn't tell me this for months.) While I am not 100%, my recovery has been extraordinary and is far closer to 100% than anyone thought would happen. While I'm not ready to arm-wrestle anyone, my life is back to normal, including skiing. I credit Lara. I cannot say enough good things about her and recommend her highly!"
Mar 16, 2020
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"I have had scoliosis since elementary school that I managed on my own while being active in sports. Once graduating and starting retail, my pain increased because I did not have good techniques to help the pain or to even stand the “right” way. After working a labor intensive retail job and going to school for a computer degree, my body began failing me from dropping things to not being able to open my hands when I woke up. I did not go to the gym or walk anymore due to the pain all over my body. When I came here, I was very depressed and disappointed on where my young adult life was headed health wise. Jill’s amazing personality matched with a lot of knowledge really helped me to open up and understand my body better. Why certain parts hurt or why I felt so twisted. The different stretches, workouts, and resting positions have helped me to work with my body to be in less pain and be able to manage the pain that will still come. I feel lighter physically and mentally. 😊"
Jan 27, 2020
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"Lara is a very concerned and caring physical therapist. She has helped me become pain free. The environment is friendly and welcoming. Excellent results. Thank you."
Jan 24, 2020
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"After having a major knee injury, I was referred to Body in Balance. Lara was my PT and I had an amazing experience with her. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also listened to all of my concerns (even non-knee related) and tailored my therapy appropriately. I looked forward to my appointments each time because of Lara’s friendly and caring attitude. She got my knee back to where I was before the injury and taught me many exercises that I’ll be able to use forever. The staff at Body in Balance was also great! I highly recommend this clinic whether you’re suffering from an injury or simply want to improve on any sports/races you participate in."
Dec 31, 2019
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"Dear Rick, I was referred to Body in Balance Physical Therapy of which came highly recommended from my surgeon. I began my rehabilitation with Rick from a rotator cuff surgery on October 16th. Rehab began October 30th with my range of motion at 0% from side to side! Throughout my sessions, Rick was gentle, careful and so completely knowledgable of my needs. He was genuinely concerned. In a matter of less than 5 weeks my range of motion developed as he says, “Better than textbook!”. I thank you Rick and your staff for a most enjoyable and successful experience and especially for your expertise. Happy Holidays! Carole Sweetwine"
Dec 17, 2019
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"I hurt myself often and haven’t had a great experience with physical therapy until I started going to Lara Jerzycki at Body in Balance. Super present person who has a good bedside manner. I saw Lara for the first time when I dislocated my shoulder. She was empathetic and attentive to the pain I was having. I felt comfortable expressing exactly how I was feeling without being judged. I also felt confident in her direction from start until I fully recovered. My shoulder is back to 100% and have had zero issues. I most recently saw Lara after spraining my MCL and tearing my meniscus. This was my first knee injury and I was nervous and discouraged. I saw Lara 2x a week for 6 weeks and have already started playing basketball in week 8. She took the time before we even started therapy by asking if I was a skier. Knowing ski season was right around the corner, she wanted to make sure she was managing my expectations on hitting the slopes - small detail but an example of how thoughtful she is. She was also very firm in her suggestion on timeline on when I could return to certain activities. Hands down best PT I have had."
Nov 14, 2019
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"I had two issues - left hamstring and both shoulders. I worked with Lara over the course of 2.5 months and am extremely pleased with being "back to normal". Lara was attentive, kind and realistic and I'm grateful to her and the front office staff for making my experience a very positive one."
Nov 09, 2019
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"I had been having back muscle problems for years when I began seeing Rick about two years ago. Rick diagnosed my muscle spasms immediately as a side-bending issue and worked on my side muscles to correct it. He gave me a series of exercises which strengthened my trapezes muscles, my glutes, my hips, my sides and my abs, and showed me new ways to sit, stand and move to prevent the muscle spasms. I was pain free for the first time in many years. When I again began experiencing severe muscle spasms the past year possibly as the result of a fall, I again saw Rick, who worked with me again to correct a new side bending problem and gave me more strength and balance exercises to prevent the muscle spasms. We discovered some of the positions in which I was playing the piano were contributing to the muscle spasms. He encouraged me to work with my piano teacher to play in a healthy position which would not strain my back. In addition, he recommended the Alexander technique for healthy body skeletal and muscle movement and breathing, and pilates, to further strengthen my core and balance. I am now pain free again thanks to Rick’s work with me, and am able to hike, ski, backpack, cycle and play the piano in comfort. I am particularly grateful for the understanding he has given me about how my back, glutei, and abdominal muscles work together, and the tools he has given me to keep my back strong and healthy for years to come. When my husband saw Rick for knee pain, he diagnosed it the minute he saw my husband walking toward him, and changed the way my husband was walking. My husband’s pain was gone two days later and he has been pain free since. Rick provides each of his patients with handouts explaining the exercises he prescribes and illustrating how to do them. He also has a series of audios addressing proper body movements to prevent muscle pain and keep muscles strong. He has written several extremely informative books he call Fixing You which address neck, shoulder, and back pain, as well as knee and ankle pain. These books explain the origin of these pains, proper body movements, and provide exercises with illustrations to prevent pain and keep muscles strong. Ann Nye West"
Nov 05, 2019
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"Body in Balance Physical Therapy did a great job helping me recover from foot surgery. They understood my goals were not just to heal but to get back to doing the things I enjoy. In just 3 months I went from pain, discomfort and swelling to an almost full recovery and level of activity. They taught me lots of helpful exercises and stretches which I will continue to use. Melinda Pollack"
Nov 01, 2019
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"Lara is a wonderful physical therapist. I went in for back pain and she was very knowledgeable and conscientious. She taught me some basics about my posture/walking/standing which has helped me a lot in addition to stretches and exercises. I highly recommend her!"
Oct 30, 2019
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"Went to Laura for two surgeries in the past year (hip and knee). She got me back to sports and adventures ahead of schedule each time. Having been in and out of many PT clinics throughout my time as athlete, I can say Laura is top notch."
Oct 11, 2019
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"Have been to this practice twice for two different injuries. They do a great job of helping you understand what is going on and why, so you can get back to operating shape."
Sep 23, 2019
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"I have been receiving treatment from Lara over the last 18+ months for various conditions both chronic and acute. Initially I was impressed by the thorough evaluation she did, which was unlike any I’ve had and I’ve been to a lot of PT. She’s very knowledgeable, thorough and caring. Her ability to identify the triggerpoints in my body and to work to lessen the pain that I was living in has been remarkable. I think she’s very intuitive as she works which is a great skill to have when doing any kind of bodywork. I would heartily recommend Lara if you need physical therapy."
Sep 20, 2019
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"Lara is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, patient, dedicated – she just plain knows what she’s doing! Plus she’s fun to talk to. After 10 months of weekly physical therapy with Lara, I have only glowing and glorious thoughts for her. I injured my shoulder a year ago which progressed to frozen shoulder. It doesn’t compare to some of the serious conditions I saw while in therapy, but it caused almost total immobility of my arm and shoulder and pain with any type of movement. In the first few months I questioned whether the arm would return to normal. But Lara’s expertise and training – and patience - prevailed. Over the months, she “worked on” specific muscles and used dry needling and wrapping. She referred me for a cortisone injection and gave me home exercises, gradually adding to them as my arm gained range of motion and the pain lessened. I “graduated” the other day with full range of motion restored and returned to the exercise classes I had given up, once again able to use weights and resistance bands with no problem, no pain. Thank you Lara!"
Sep 03, 2019
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"When I started working with Jill, I was just starting to awkwardly walk again after a bad tib/fib fracture, with pain in several spots, and couldn’t do much else. Over the course of a few months, I was able to eliminate those pain points, slowly start hiking again, get back into the gym, finally start climbing 13ers and 14ers again, and get back to my usual active lifestyle. Looking forward to skiing again this winter with my new titanium tibia!"
Aug 22, 2019
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"10/10! I moved to CO from the East coast solely to pursue my hiking habit and unfortunately, did a serious number on my ankle during my first year. I started feeling pain (both shooting and general soreness) from my ankle up to my thigh and was thinking that I may have hindered my short and long term hiking goals permanently. The team here not only solved my knee and ankle pain but fixed the way I hiked and took care of myself. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and very patient-oriented. I highly recommend this place and a friend whom I recommended this them to is already feeling improvement, too."
Aug 15, 2019
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"I first came to Body In Balance Physical Therapy in Jan 2019 in so much pain I was seriously contemplating quitting my yoga teaching job. Since Feb 2018 I had been going to doctors and PTs trying to get a proper diagnosis. Finally my primary care doctor referred me to Rick and his team. Over the next 6 months working with Rick we figured out the injury and treatment plan. Every session seemed to bring us more clarity. Rick was as dedicated (if not more!) as me in getting this puzzle solved. Using a combination of exercise, taping, dry needling and a night splint we got there! By June I was back to walking, jogging, cycling and my full schedule of yoga!! And the best part was going from constant pain to a pain level of zero. I can't thank Rick enough!"
Aug 13, 2019
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"My face pain was causing anxiety and I was unable to chew food. It was a relief to find someone who understood Trigeminal Neuralgia and didn’t want to put me on medicine or more surgery. Rick helped me with tools and techniques, dry needling to relieve the pain. My face pain is gone. I am on a program that is great for improving my life. Vicky Hardy"
Aug 13, 2019
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"My nine-year-old daughter sustained a left knee bone bruise following a fall in gym class at school. This injury also caused her muscles to tighten up around her left knee. Torri was scared and frustrated, unable to participate in her active lifestyle full of bike riding, walking, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and gymnastics. Torri began physical therapy with Rick in March 2019 with high hopes of healing. Her and Rick worked very hard together. He guided Torri in a calm and confident manner. Torri learned that she was going to heal fully if she continued to put forth great effort at home with the exercises Rick assigned. She did! Torri is so proud of herself. I (her mother) am so proud of her and so happy with the guidance Rick gave her to get to this point. Torri is back at all her typical activities all thanks to Rick’s hard work and Torri’s determination. Michelle and Torri’s Reddick"
Jul 03, 2019
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"When I came to Rick Olderman, I had been suffering with elbow pain for about 8 or 9 months. I thought I would get better through rest. My progress was very slow. Rick gave me stretching and exercise routines that gave me dramatic improvement in the reduction of my elbow pain. He also incorporated dry needling, which was another key to my recovery. During my elbow recovery, I injured my hip. He incorporated the routines to help my hip recover in just a few weeks. I feel extremely thankful for his therapy and genuine concern for my well being. I know if I had not come to see him, I would still be dealing with significant pai"
May 24, 2019
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"As a firefighter I'm prone to injuries on the the job. Over the 22 years on the job I've gone to Rick three times. The guy is very talented and knows what he's doing. I can't say enough positive things about Body in Balance , Rick, and his team> Thanks"
May 09, 2019
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"Rick helped me heal a long-term, chronic ankle injury. After a history of ankle sprains and of constant (weekly and monthly) rolling of my ankle, Rick was the answer! He patiently and expertly helped me to train my mind to perceive and re-engage other dormant muscles. He simplified the approach so I could incorporate it into my daily life and reprogram old habits with ease. He was encouraging and present in each session. And the result has been remarkable. Despite a more active lifestyle, I haven't experienced an ankle roll, twist, or sprain in almost two years."
Feb 25, 2019
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"After fracturing a shoulder and severely rolling an ankle, I was in pain in several places and it was affecting my daily life. Rick, Lara, and Juli all got me fixed up. Top notch staff and people. My highest recommendation!"
Oct 23, 2018
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"Rick Olderman’s approach to treating my intractable low back pain and sciatica was very different than what I had experienced previously in traditional physical therapy. While his initial assessment of my functioning was much the same as others I had experienced, his treatment was unlike any other. His focus uses a technique that re-trains your ‘motor memories’. I thanked him and told him that he was worth his weight in gold and that it was a good think he was thin (read fit). Pain free six years and counting."
Sep 10, 2018
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"Rick is knowledgeable, gentle and kind. He showed me how to heal my sciatica pain and maintain my back health. I highly recommend him. Nancy Gwin"
Aug 31, 2018
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"Body in Balance is a team of hard working and committed professionals! I love this place!"
Aug 06, 2018
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"Wonderful facility. Very knowledgeable staff. My doctor complimented their work. Julie is goat asf!"
Mar 15, 2018
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"Rick is a terrific physical therapist. After some bad experiences, I was skeptical, however, Rick changed that. He has been instrumental in my treatment. Highly recommended."
Aug 31, 2017
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Sep 23, 2016
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"Lara very knowledgeable and helped me through my post surgery.Had sesamoid removed and Great toe repaired. She understood my pain and injuries, Needling and massage treatment along with strength and stretching exercises Helped me .I would recommend Body and Balance and of course Lara."
Jul 10, 2016
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"When I first started going to PT, ahead of hip surgery, I went to another local clinic. I was one of 6 people the therapist was working with at the same time. I felt like a number - as if that clinic was just trying to get as many people as possible in the door. I did not feel important nor very respected. That all changed when I found Body in Balance (which I discovered by walking in front of their building) and Lara, the therapist I worked with, was SO amazing (but I think they all likely are based on observations while I was there). From the moment I walked in to inquire about their services, I felt like I was important. They are a small office, that really focuses on patient health. The entire team there works extremely hard to ensure patients come first and are a priority. Lara was incredible - very reassuring, assisting me with staying within my limits and then pushing me beyond those once I was ready (or once I should have been ready). Post-surgery, they did everything they could to help me navigate the facility, and constantly checked in with me at each visit. The entire team there is friendly, and full of hard work ethic and devotion to client care. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Body in Balance. Oh, and by the way - each therapist only works with one patient at a time - so you feel incredibly cared for and special."
Nov 06, 2015
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"Even though I'm 25, I've had chronic shoulder pain for 5+ years and foot pain for 1+ years. I've seen at least a dozen PTs. I worked with Rick and he is one of the best, if not the best, I've worked with. He takes an integrative, scientific approach and is adapt at listening to your issues and concerns, while also conveying his thoughts and thought process for healing you. His approaches are much different than the traditional, iso-centric motion exercises you normally get in PT. He is the author of at least 5 books and I found his book on shoulder pain to be helpful. He was really able to help me after the first visit and I've experienced a significant amount of strength, bio-mechanic correction, and most importantly, pain relief after working with him. I'd highly recommend!"
May 24, 2015
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"After arthroscopic knee surgery, I was impatient to get back to working out and return to my everyday regimen. I had seen multiple physical therapists around Colorado and Body in Balance has been the best experience by far. Sissy and Jouay (sorry if I spelled that wrong) are polite and welcoming as you enter the office. Lara is extremely knowledgeable and offered me a variety of exercises to keep me on track and starting to feel like my old self. I can be very structured and Lara communicated options to me in a professional manner while frequently inserting her hilarious sense of humor. I actually looked forward to my physical therapy appointments as I felt she truly wanted me to get better as soon as possible and had my best interests at heart. I would HIGHLY recommend the folks here as they offer a breadth of expertise in their fields coupled with sincere concern. "
Jun 08, 2014
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Rick and his team have been wonderful. They listen and always seem to get to the problem. Rick explains all treatment and makes sure you are doing your exercises at home properly. My shoulder recovery has come along perfectly and I know my recovery would not have been as successful without Body In Balance.

Ellen F.

I first met Rick Olderman at Body in Balance several years ago. My doctor sent me to him because I had been suffering with sciatica for several weeks, not sleeping, and unable to walk.

My husband pushed my wheelchair into Rick’s office. Rick smiled, looked into my eyes, and said, “Nancy, we can fix this. This pain will soon be gone.”

In one visit, Rick diagnosed the problem and sent me home with exercises to strengthen weak muscles and remain pain free. I pushed my wheelchair out! I returned a few times to make sure I was healing. The sciatica never returned.

I appreciated the quiet, gentle, caring and professional courtesy of all the staff at Body in Balance. They never fail to be respectful!

Over the years I have returned several times for help with injuries or movement issues. Every time, Rick has been able to evaluate the problem and set me on the path of healing.

I have sent several friends to Body in Balance PT and not one has ever been disappointed.

Mrs. N.G. of Denver, CO

Rick’s analysis was extremely thorough. For the first time, someone was not only confident that they could take the pain away, but explained why the pain was there. As it turned out, the answers were in places no one had suggested before. After the first visit, the pain was significantly improved.

The most impressive thing about my treatment was that instead of just manually fixing me, he gave me exercises to fix the problem. With a little commitment, I now have the tools to be pain free forever. That is a breath of fresh air. I can’t recommend Rick’s services enough…


I cannot thank you enough for the individualized treatment that you provided to manage my neck and back issues.

Your innovative therapy was surprisingly effective to treat acutely the common problems related to bad posture and musculoskeletal pain.

I hope your novel techniques can be spread to others in your area so they can also learn how to apply them to their patients.


Fernando J. Kim, MD, FACS
Chief of Urology, DHMC
Director of Minimally Invasive Urological Oncology,
Tony Grampsas Cancer Center, UCHSC.
Associate Professor of Surgery/Urology, UCHSC.

I have broken many bones and had 9 surgeries by the time I was 27. Needless to say, I have worked with many physical therapists; none of them comes close to the greatness of Rick Olderman. He genuinely cares about fixing your pain and helping you to better understand your body.


I have had chronic neck and shoulder tension for almost 7 years. I went to chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc, but nothing completely relieved it, and some suggestions, like strength training, made it worse. Rick, based on my description of symptoms sent by email, suggested somatics, which I did, but while it proved useful in relieving tension, I still knew something was missing because why did I have chronic tension in the first place? I would also often get up in the morning with neck pain.

In a skype session with Rick, he noticed things that were wrong with my posture that were affecting my neck and shoulders. He suggested a very simple modification in my posture and in a few days, after constantly reminding myself to maintain this posture, I noticed much less neck and shoulder pain. I also do not get up with neck pain even when I sleep in a position other than on my back at night.

He has an amazing ability to determine how your biomechanics and movement patterns cause pain and above all, knows how to give simple directions to fix the issue. It amazes me that I have used hundreds of yoga and pilates videos that constantly tell you what to do with your stomach and shoulders, but it turns out none of those directions were right, or useful for me.


My name is Yuko W.,

I was born with a severe right hip deformity and one 3cm shorter leg. In 2004, my left side hip wore out due to extensive compensation for my deformed right hip and had my 1st hip replacement surgery. In 2008, my problematic right hip finally wore out as well and had my 2nd hip replacement surgery.

After both surgeries, I did experience some pain but nothing like the horrible pain that I was experiencing which started in December 2004. I’ve seen 3 doctors who are all known as orthopedic experts including my own surgeon who has operated my right hip. I was disappointed that none of them tried to touch my legs or even look at them. All they did was look at the test results on the paper and told me there is absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Numerous tests conducted included: X-rays, MRI, Bone scan, Blood test…etc. everything came out negative and normal. I went to see a pain specialist who told me it is caused by my diabetes and if I don’t bring my A1C down this pain will never go away. I’ve used up my insurance coverage for physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments so I had to pay all treatments out of my own pocket. Taking powerful pain medication multiple times a day, every day started to worry me for possible damage to my internal organs. But if I didn’t take them I could not even move and would be screaming in pain.

One day, a good friend of mine introduced me to Rick’s book and told me that he believes Rick is the one who can help me with my condition. I immediately started to read the book and even before finishing the book, I emailed Rick for an appointment. I was so excited when Rick immediately replied me back and booked me to see him. He said 3 appointments will do. I thought “what just 3? Really? How?” A miracle happened on the very 1st appointment day. Rick figured out what my problems were even without looking at the X-ray. My pain was actually tolerable after Rick’s treatment all evening without any pain meds for the very first time in 9 months. It was unreal. I have been suffering with this crazy pain for NINE long months every day, every hour and every second.

Rick told me how I was not walking properly and using wrong muscles probably for my entire life. He showed me how to walk by using the correct muscles, strengthen my weak legs and exercises that help target where my problems are.

I have been PAIN MEDICATION FREE for weeks now. My pain is under control. I do my exercise every day and plan on continuing it forever!
Rick has given my life back. Thank you so very much Rick!! From the bottom of my heart.


Rick has been the most significant provider in a long journey toward healing my physical ailments. He was able to help me after multiple other providers were not . I felt like giving up, but luckily didn’t and reached out to the right person, Rick, who has been my champion, tirelessly supporting with positivity and encouragement, while challenging me to overcome negative habits of using/misusing my body and pushing me when it was needed to be consistent with my strength training.

What also made a difference is that Rick has an extremely impressive knowledge and the most up-to-date understanding of the body. His techniques are vast and highly progressive. In fact his vast repertoire, keen observational ability, and invaluable insights are what made him stand out among other providers where they all were eventually stymied. He took my puzzling condition as an exciting challenge to figure out. He was targeted and quick in his assessments, and in a fairly short period of time, he was able to identify and effectively treat what had been a previously mysterious condition.

He is always present, prompt, and thoughtful—a fantastic communicator and listener, working collaboratively while inspiring/motivating with endless positivity.

My treatment experience has been amazing in every way and I am painfree, stronger, and feeling better than I thought was possible. I can now enjoy activities that haven’t been able to in years and never feel weighed down by physical issues.

I am eternally grateful to Rick and recommend him and his clinic to anyone, but especially those with chronic challenging issues.

Fiona B.

I tore my lateral meniscus over Christmas break. I could barely walk. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he suggested I see a PT instead of surgery. I saw Rick and after the first appointment I felt so much better. I slowly recovered, doing the exercises Rick gave me. He not only helped me heal from my injury but addressed old patterns in my posture and walking that caused the injury. I feel great and would recommend Body in Balance whole heartedly!

Holly H.

My experience has been great. Coming off of a labrum surgery I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things I did before. However, I was back to 100% in about 3 months and was able to feel more confident in my shoulder than ever before.

Jordan Norwood (Denver Broncos Superbowl Champion 2016)

When I came to Rick Olderman, I had been suffering with elbow pain for about 8 or 9 months. I thought I would get better through rest. My progress was very slow. Rick gave me stretching and exercise routines that gave me dramatic improvement in the reduction of my elbow pain. He also incorporated dry needling, which was another key to my recovery.

During my elbow recovery, I injured my hip. He incorporated the routines to help my hip recover in just a few weeks.

I feel extremely thankful for his therapy and genuine concern for my well being. I know if I had not come to see him, I would still be dealing with significant pain.

David M.

Before coming to see Rick, my shoulder pain was easily an 8 on a scale of 10 almost everyday. And that is a level that is pretty unbearable. I didn’t want to do my daily activities like bike ride, yoga, weight lift.

It is mind boggling that such unbearable pain can be managed with a fairly simple strengthening exercise. And amazing how hard that simple exercise is for my body to do when I do so many harder thing in the gym. Just shows how much I need it!

Rick is incredibly helpful and I know he can help me every time—he is the only one I’ve been to that can fix this for me.

Jaymie H.

Last 3 to 4 years, I was suffering severe pain around my upper rib cage area. I myself had broke a rib in the past but my upper rib cage pain was much severe last 3 years. So I took 1400 -2100 mg Ibuprofen (IB), 500 mg Tylenol, and IB PM every day. Sometimes I took 3000 mg IB a day, but I still had pain.

3 weeks ago my doctor Maureen sent me here, then Rick Olderman found my trapezius muscle had zero function, I couldn’t even move my shoulder blades. Then Rick and Tayler gave me several exercises to recover that muscle and other exercises to strengthen muscles so as stretching. I learned postures were so important.

Last 3 weeks I don’t take any pain pills, I am really happy now. I am going back to boxing at the gym. Thank you very much.

Yutaka A.

My nine-year-old daughter sustained a left knee bone bruise following a fall in gym class at school.  This injury also caused her muscles to tighten up around her left knee. Torri was scared and frustrated, unable to participate in her active lifestyle full of bike riding, walking, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and gymnastics. Torri began physical therapy with Rick in March 2019 with high hopes of healing.  Her and Rick worked very hard together. He guided Torri in a calm and confident manner. Torri learned that she was going to heal fully if she continued to put forth great effort at home with the exercises Rick assigned. She did! Torri is so proud of herself. I (her mother) am so proud of her and so happy with the guidance Rick gave her to get to this point. Torri is back kat all her typical activities all thanks to Rick’s hard work and Torri’s determination.

Thank you!

Michelle R.

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