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Foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunion pain, ankle sprains, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuromas—all of these diagnoses originate from fundamental and simple problems with the foot. Often fixing, say, plantar fasciitis involves almost identical strategies as fixing a Morton’s neuroma.

Did you know we have just about as many joints in our feet as we do in our hands and wrists? How would your hands would feel if you walked on them all day? The feet are the unsung heroes of our body!

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While looking at the foot and ankle might seem overwhelming at first, it’s really a simple design and responds quickly to the right fix. If you’re having stubborn foot or ankle pain, it often means you haven’t addressed how the shape of the thigh bone (See the Knee Pain page on this site) and hip function (See the Hip Pain page on this site) fit into the picture.

To be honest, the foot is one of those areas that needs a hand. That’s why we’ve developed unique taping approaches to unload problematic issues in the foot and ankle. These are hugely successful. While the foot is taped, tissues get a chance to heal while working on the other issues in the lower body feeding the foot problems. Once those are fixed we begin weaning you from the tape and viola!—you have no pain!

Part of this approach is understanding whether someone simply has foot pronation (flat feet) or foot and ankle pronation. Knowing whether you have either of these issues combined with testing of the areas above the foot and ankle and your walking pattern gives us a complete picture of how you are built and function and why you’re having stubborn pain.

Knowing how your structure fits into the picture of your larger functional patterns is likely the key to what you’ve been missing. If no one has talked to you about these basic issues then likely you haven’t gotten the whole picture of why you’re having foot pain.

We understand how the body works as a system here at Body in Balance Physical Therapy. In addition to manual therapy techniques, therapeutic dry needling, deep tissue laser and other types of treatments, we target how you’re using your body—fixing your habits. This is a powerful approach to fixing pain.

Regardless of whether you have foot pain from:

We can help.

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To learn more about how and why foot pain typically happens, please watch this short video.

At Body in Balance Physical Therapy, we evaluate your entire system affecting your foot pain, from your rib cage to your feet.

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