Fix Knee Pain

For such a simple looking joint, knee pain, patellofemoral tracking problems, ligament strains, arthritic knee pain can really stump a lot of people.


Like other stubborn pain in the body, too often knee pain is seen as a problem solely with the knee. At best, it’s loosely related to something wrong with the hip and maybe the foot. Unfortunately while this makes intuitive sense, many practitioners don’t understand exactly how these parts of the lower body system work together, but we do at Body in Balance Physical Therapy.


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You're Twisted!

One of the critical things to understand when looking at stubborn knee pain—no matter what you’ve been diagnosed with— is a scary-sounding term called femoral anteversion or femoral retroversion. Femoral anteversion just means that the thigh bone is twisted inward, and femoral retroversion means the thigh bone is twisted outward. Everyone has some degree of one or the other—it’s natural!

Knowing whether you have either of these issues hugely impacts stresses at the knee, hip, foot and back. We test for this with every patient no matter where their pain is in the lower body system, so we have a complete picture of how they are built and their function.

This information is then put into the mix of other potential issues such as anterior femoral glide syndrome (See the Hip Pain page on this site), pronating feet (See the Foot Pain page on this site) and walking pattern.

Knowing how your structure fits into the picture of your larger functional patterns is likely the key to what you’ve been missing. If no one has talked to you about this basic structural finding, then likely you haven’t gotten the whole picture of why you’re having knee pain.

We understand how the body works as a system here at Body in Balance Physical Therapy. In addition to manual therapy techniques, therapeutic dry needling, deep tissue laser and other types of treatments, we target how you’re using your body—fixing your habits. This is a powerful approach to fixing pain.

Regardless of whether you have knee pain from:

Patellofemoral Tracking Problems

We can help.

At Body in Balance Physical Therapy, we evaluate your entire system affecting your knee pain, from your rib cage to your feet.

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