Fix Back Pain & Sciatica

If you’re reading this, you probably have back pain and/or sciatica. If you’re like most people, you’ve done online searches, tried exercises, visited practitioners for adjustments/treatments/injections and might even have had surgery—but you still have pain.


Most practitioners focus on small things happening in the back—disc bulges, arthritic changes, alignment issues, herniated discs. Sometimes this works, at least temporarily, but if your back pain or sciatica keeps returning, then you’re missing something.


We will likely have a new answer for you—one that is more complete. Please call us at  (303) 477-5303  to set up an appointment. Every new back pain or sciatica patient receives a FREE copy of Rick Olderman’s book, Fixing You: Back Pain

Try This Test

To find out what you’re missing, try this little test. Stand up and put your hand on your low back, right on those thick muscles next to the spine. Now lift your leg. Feel your back muscles get harder? They’re contracting.

This is the key to what you’ve been missing—your practitioners haven’t been looking at the bigger picture. How many of your treatments have looked at your foot, knee, or hip to fix your back pain or sciatica? How many have fixed your walk? How many have looked at how you sit down or stand up? How you sleep? Fixing these types of issues fixes your back pain or sciatica.

We understand how the body works as a system here at Body in Balance Physical Therapy. In addition to manual therapy techniques, therapeutic dry needling and other types of treatments, we target how you’re using your body—fixing your habits. This is a powerful approach to fixing pain.

Regardless of whether you have back pain from:

We can help.

At Body in Balance Physical Therapy, we evaluate your entire system affecting your back pain or sciatica from your rib cage to your feet.

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