Hanna Somatics

Hanna Somatics: Developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna, Hanna Somatics rapidly re-educates people’s neuromuscular control of their movement system eliminating chronic pain quickly. Through re-educating the brain to both sense and control movement better, chronic muscular tension affecting movement habits is resolved.

Our body’s inability to move well is often referred to as sensory motor amnesia. The hallmarks of this phenomenon are contracted muscles due to repeated reflexive responses to stress, accidents, injuries, surgeries, and/or repetitive tasks. All of these factors are, in some way monitored by our central nervous system and create a motor (muscular) response usually in the form of unconsciously contracted muscles. This tension restricts joint movement and impairs our overall strategies for movement causing chronic pain, joint degeneration, nerve impingement, overuse injuries, fatigue, headaches, disk degeneration and a host of other issues.

Hanna Somatics creates a rapid and long-term change in your central nervous system’s control of your body. You will learn how to maintain this reduced tension in your musculoskeletal system through simple maintenance exercises designed especially for you and/or changing your movement habits which are contributing to the overall stress to your system.

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