Emotion Code Sessions

The Emotion Code is a technique, developed by Bradley Nelson DC, which helps identify emotions that can potentially create pain, anxiety, depression or general stress.

As a physical therapist whose approach is primarily biomechanical and neurophysiological, I’ve come to appreciate over the years how stress, anxiety, and other emotions seem to create tension and pain in the body. While patients can identify and correct these patterns through stretching, re-learning movement strategies, and neuromuscular release of tension, there are many people with deeper, perhaps psychological, causes of their tension patterns.

The premise of the Emotion Code is that, throughout our lives, we have unconsciously collected trapped emotions (emotions we haven’t expressed or otherwise acknowledged) contributing to tension, pain, anxiety, depression etc. The Emotion Code is a simple tool to help identify and release these trapped emotions within minutes. It does this by using muscle testing to access our subconscious, which has a record of every experience and emotion we’ve ever had. By asking simple yes or no questions, we can bring to conscious awareness these trapped emotions and release them. The whole process can be completed within just a few minutes for each emotion. It is gentle and does not involve any divulging of private events in peoples’ lives.

In my experience, most people’s pain is significantly diminished in just one session. I believe this, in conjunction with mechanical correction of physical dysfunction, is a powerful tool to help eliminate pain.