Christopher-RolfsGreetings – I worked with Devra in Spring of 2015 as she helped diagnose knee pain I was having while cycling, and help provide solutions to my problem which absolutely worked. Devra did an absolutely amazing job, and since then she has asked if I would be willing to write up a testimonial about my experience. I said I was happy to.

I have been a recreational, though competitive cyclist in Colorado for 10 years. Over the past few years I’ve had what I thought to be IT band issues in both legs as a result of endurance cycling (and quite a lanky frame). 3 or so years ago I went to physical therapy elsewhere and they did weekly massages on my IT band. I thought it cured me and continued cycling. This past year I had the same issue come up on my other leg as I began my Spring training for a week long randonee in the Alps in Italy (among other endurance riding). I decided to go see Devra at Body in Balance Physical Therapy. After the first visit – which was a fairly involved consultation and diagnosis of the issue – she knew it was not related to my IT band at all. She explained the issue (weak glutes, very tight hamstrings, and mis-firing muscles above my knee) and talked me through exercises that I could do to rectify the issue. I followed these exercises and was back on the bicycle a few days later, and my knee pain was almost entirely gone! Additional appointments I had with Devra would involve discussions of any continued pain, further explanations of other exercises and refinements on the ones I was doing, as well as check-ins on muscle firing around the knee. After 6 or so appointments I’m absolutely ecstatic to say that my knee pain is well understood, and no longer an issue! Devra did a superb job of diagnosing my problem (and fortunately not listening to me, as I was clearly clueless) and providing me with techniques to solve my problem. I really can say that she saved my Summer vacation of 2015, and that I continue to push myself in cycling events today. Kudos to Devra at Body in Balance in Denver!

(photo attached is me on the left, and ride leader Ben on the right – in the Italian Alps)

Thank you so much!

Christopher Rolfs

I have had chronic neck and shoulder tension for almost 7 years. I went to chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc, but nothing completely relieved it, and some suggestions, like strength training, made it worse.Rick, based on my description of symptoms sent by email, suggested somatics, which I did, but while it proved useful in relieving tension, I still knew something was missing because why did I have chronic tension in the first place? I would also often get up in the morning with neck pain.

In a skype session with Rick, he noticed things that were wrong with my posture that were affecting my neck and shoulders. He suggested a very simple modification in my posture and in a few days, after constantly reminding myself to maintain this posture, I noticed much less neck and shoulder pain. I also do not get up with neck pain even when I sleep in a position other than on my back at night.

He has an amazing ability to determine how your biomechanics and movement patterns cause pain and above all, knows how to give simple directions to fix the issue. It amazes me that I have used hundreds of yoga and pilates videos that constantly tell you what to do with your stomach and shoulders, but it turns out none of those directions were right, or useful for me.

I will continue to work with Rick in an effort to reach my fitness goals and not only get out of pain, but begin to build strength.


My name is Yuko Watanabe, 49 years old female from San Diego, California.
I was born with a severe right hip deformity and one 3cm shorter leg.In 2004, my left side hip wore out due to extensive compensation for my deformed right hip and had my 1st hip replacement surgery. In 2008, my problematic right hip finally wore out as well and had my 2nd hip replacement surgery. After both surgeries, I did experience some pain but nothing like the horrible pain that I was experiencing which started in December 2004.I’ve seen 3 doctors who are all known as orthopedic experts including my own surgeon who has operated my right hip. I was disappointed that none of them tried to touch my legs or even look at them. All they did was look at the test results on the paper and told me there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Numerous tests conducted included: X-rays, MRI, Bone scan, Blood test…etc. everything came out negative and normal. I went to see a pain specialist who told me it is caused by my diabetes and if I don’t bring my A1C down this pain will never go away. I’ve used up my insurance coverage for physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments so I had to pay all treatments out of my own pocket. Taking powerful pain medication multiple times a day, every day started to worry me for possible damage to my internal organs. But if I didn’t take them I could not even move and would be screaming in pain.One day, a good friend of mine introduced me to Rick’s book and told me that he believes Rick is the one who can help me with my condition. I immediately started to read the book and even before finishing the book, I emailed Rick for an appointment. I was so excited when Rick immediately replied me back and booked me to see him. He said 3 appointments will do. I thought “what just 3? really? how?”A miracle happened on the very 1st appointment day. Rick figured out what my problems were even without looking at the X-ray. My pain was actually tolerable after Rick’s treatment all evening without any pain meds for the very first time in 9 months. It was unreal. I have been suffering with this crazy pain for NINE long months every day, every hour and every second. Rick told me how I was not walking properly and using wrong muscles probably for my entire life. He showed me how to walk by using the correct muscles, strengthen my weak legs and exercises that help target where my problems are.

I have been PAIN MEDICATION FREE for weeks now. My pain is under control. I do my exercise every day and plan on continuing it forever!

Rick has given my life back. Thank you so very much Rick!! From the bottom of my heart.

Yuko Watanabe

P8050133I first met Rick in 2001, when he was recommended by my cycling coach. She said, “He’s the best physical therapist I’ve ever known.” I can’t remember which ailment it was at that time, but over the last 14 years Rick has helped me resolve every injury and every musculoskeletal issue that has befallen me. As an older, physically active female, there have been a lot of them. I really did not think that the last one (knee, hip, pelvis, back–all related) would be fixable to the point where I could ride my bike again at a decent level, but Rick helped me get there. With his expertise, guidance, and incredible drive to get people out of pain and moving properly, it worked! Rick cares about his patients, and takes great pride in his work.I have seen lots of physical therapists for various injuries and ailments in my adult life. Rick is the only one I’ve ever met who deeply understands the musculoskeletal system. And the only one who cares enough to figure out the root cause of the problem… not just treat the symptoms. Have you ever been to a physical therapist who seems to be reading out of a “help” menu to give you exercises? Or they seem to be disinterested because you are older? That doesn’t happen with Rick. He is always your advocate, and has the expertise and passion for his work to get you moving again. I go out of network to see Rick when I need physical therapy, and it’s well worth it. I am so grateful.

Terry Malouf

20130927_192243Rick is an amazing physical therapist that really knows his stuff! I have gone to him over the years with the various aches and pains that have come up in my body. He has always helped me tremendously, and my issues have always gone away after doing his prescribed exercises. His advice has been an indispensable complement to my yoga training, filling in the gaps of my body awareness and giving strength to my weaknesses. I recommend him 1,000%.

Lois L.


image001Throughout my whole life sports had come and gone, from youth sports teams, to an affordable college escape, to post college pursuits. But running was always there – sort of a happy place where I could retreat and work towards whatever my next goal would be, almost a panacea for life’s challenges. Then as I welcomed my 50s I suffered a series of discouraging running injuries. Calf strains mostly, but serious enough to sideline my running activities. I tried new shoes, ice baths, custom foot-beds, ignoring the pain, compression sleeves, pain killers, whatever I could think of. Eventually I started to think maybe my running days were behind me. But I figured I’d give my friends at Body in Balance Physical Therapy a chance to make things right. After an initial visit and diagnosis of what was going on, we planned a series of treatments and began our baby steps. I had some healing to do and I needed to learn a new stride so that when I did start running again I wouldn’t repeat injure myself. It took a while and I had to learn new approaches including new exercises and stretches to engage some muscles that had gone on strike. Over a year has now passed since the treatment and my “graduation” from that phase of my life. I am now training for the Leadville Marathon – what will be the biggest running challenge of my life. I have new confidence and am greatly enjoying the journey. I would be telling a very different story if it weren’t for the body in balance team. Thanks guys, I’ll send you a text from the finish line!

Ed R.

Rick’s ability to loosen and release my tight muscles was amazing. The results were immediate and really helped me with several issues I had regarding leg/back pain. HIs exercises also really helped my improve my strength in my weak muscles. Thank you Rick.


Testimonial from Holly

I have had mild to severe pain in my back and down through my knee for several years. I had seen a physical therapist a few years ago and didn’t have much luck – I was told that I had tight hamstrings and needed to stretch more. After finally getting sick of being unable to walk, much less ride a bike or run, without pain, I called Body In Balance and started working with Lara. Lara was fantastic in helping me to learn where my issue(s) were and how to fix them. It took several months, and she was very patient with problems and slow progress I seemed to be making. I was most impressed by the fact that she was always willing to try something different or look into different reasons for my pain, if one exercise or attempt to treat it didn’t seem to be working, and she never acted as though I just needed to “try harder” at what I’d been doing. Her willingness to keep exploring issues and ways to fix them was what really helped us to figure out the best path for healing and keeping me pain-free. Also, while there, I saw Rick work with several patients, and although did not work with him myself, would not hesitate to recommend him or any of his other staff, along with Lara.

Miranda K.

These people are miracle workers. And believe me I have much to compare them to. In the past 7 years I have seen 6 Orthopedic Doctors, 8 Chiropractors, 5 Physical Therapists, 4 Massage Therapists, 2 MDs, a Psyiatrist, and a Neurologist. And none, not a single one, has produced a correct diagnosis and a 3 month successful treatment plan, except for Rick Olderman the Physical Therapist who now runs this amazing place.

After 7 agonizing years of pain and hopelessness I have finally been give the gift of health again.

Rick’s high level of education along with his unique holistic perspective give him an incredible toolbox of healing methods. What he does is shows you, the patient, how to correctly use your body so that it functions as it should. A few simple, and I mean simple, readjustments to your posture and a few new exercises and suddenly you have control over your body again, it no longer controls you with pain b/c you have been taught how to use your body as it was designed. What he does is so basic and so fundamental, yet so profoundly insightful and genius.

And I also must highly recommend April the Massage Therapist. She uses Thai Massage, which was new to me, but I have found to be the most effective treatment with my injuries. She incorporates stretching and heat into the massage and relieves all of the muscular stress without all the painful trigger point obsession that I have experienced with other massage therapists in the past. She really knows her stuff and it has been very effective.

With Rick and April working in tandem you are sure to leave this place so much better than when you went in. I did and I am forever grateful to have found them.

Christine S.

Rick’s analysis was extremely thorough. For the first time, someone was not only confident that they could take the pain away, but explained why the pain was there. As it turned out, the answers were in places no one had suggested before. After the first visit the pain was significantly improved.

The most impressive thing about my treatment was that instead of just manually fixing me, he gave me exercises to fix the problem. With a little commitment, I now have the tools to be pain free forever. That is a breath of fresh air. I can’t recommend Rick’s services enough, and will definitely be back.


A few years ago, my back pain had reached the point where I needed to do something if I wanted to continue to participate in any type of physical activity. I had enjoyed golfing, skiing, jogging and a number of other activities, however I had reached the point where I couldn’t enjoy any of these without a lot of pain. If I played a round of golf, I was in pain on virtually every shot and suffered for the next couple of days.

I needed to do something so I started looking at options. I spoke with my doctor and was referred for a couple of injections, I then tried therapy, and neither worked. Although not something I wanted to do, I seriously began to look at surgery as a last resort.

A friend who was working with Rick recommended that I give him a try. This turned out to be great advice as once I started working with Rick on rehab and a strengthening program, the pain virtually disappeared. Now if pain does come back, I know why and what I need to do to fix it. I recently spent eight days, in Ireland, playing golf, pain free. This is something I wouldn’t have thought possible before I started working with Rick.


This summer I had an accident on my ATV. I was not seriously injured, but I was in A LOT of pain in my lower back. A friend recommended I see Rick. I am so glad I did! He is amazing. Rick figured out that my accident had exacerbated an old injury. He then, I swear, ‘fixed’ me in a matter of minutes by a series of stretches he helped me do. That afternoon the pain disappeared. I still feel no pain and it’s been almost 6 months!


Rick Olderman was great at the first visit and checked the weakness and pain in my lower back. He… explained they how’s, what for’s, and why’s for everything working as it should. He checked my shoe orthotics, as well, and, even though I thought I knew how to walk, I didn’t. Rick showed me how to walk correctly, making sure I wasn’t continuing in my bad habits.

The second visit was a confession on my part that I really hadn’t done the exercises, finding lots of excuses why I was unable to do them (not enough time… etc.). Rick totally understood and said he could give me two exercise that should help my back issues. Two very simple exercises AND…he retrained me how to walk.

I am thrilled to say that I no longer have lower back pain and I believe it is because of Rick’s help and knowledge. Oh my goodness! What a difference it has made. I feel better; I stand taller; I truly have more energy to continue in my Pilates and Yoga classes and plan to also sign up for Tai Chi. Plus, I’ve ordered some new shoe orthotics from him and I know they will help my posture and core.

If you need a recommendation, call me. I’d be happy to talk with anyone about my experience.


Before working with Rick, I could only run about 3-4 miles before excruciating hip pain would cause me to have to stop….I just figured that it was arthritis and that I was clearly not meant to be a longer distance runner. After just a couple of sessions with Rick in which he fully evaluated my posture, stride, etc., he was able to diagnose the problem (weak gluteal muscles and hyper-extended knees among other things) and re-train me to walk properly, fully engaging my glutes and thus to also run properly.

In addition to that, he took me out of my so-called “shock absorbing” cushy sneakers and into good ol’ flat Chuck Taylors, in the spirit of the barefoot running style, (“Just a piece of rubber between you and the road” as Rick puts it) and I am happy to say I am now running 10 miles with absolutely no pain! I wouldn’t have believed it possible with such minor adjustments and exercises that Rick taught me had I not experienced it myself…it is truly nothing short of miraculous. Rick has an incredible gift in his knowledge and practice of body mechanics and I am the first to encourage anyone experiencing any type of chronic pain to see him and/or employ his easy to follow methods found in his books.


You have heard of the “Horse Whisperer”. Well, I call Rick the “Body Whisperer”. He seemed to have a second sense about how to diagnose and help me cure my injury. I have worked with other trainers and physical therapists but Rick made a difference for me in just two sessions. He really gave me revolutionary ideas that changed the way I was doing things. Thanks Rick!


I visited neurologists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. I tried massage and bio-feedback to treat my severe migraine and tension headaches. Rick was the only one to successfully address the complicated set of issues causing my chronic pain. For the first time in 15 years, I am pain-free!


Hello Rick,

…I am so glad I ordered your book! After two and a half years of severe pain on the left side of my head, around my left eye and a weird, extreme feeling of discomfort deep in my nose (a symptom I have not come across despite all my research, doctor’s visits, etc) I read your book, did the all fours rocking stretch numerous times just this past Wednesday and the hand on head position, and now Saturday I am on day 4 of living pain free. You have literally given me my life back. I had in the fall of 2007 been on 3 antibiotics for what was assumed to be a sinus infection, then a negative sinus CT, visit to an ENT which included scoping up my nose, CT of my brain, an MRI and MRA of my brain, an MRI of my neck, onto a neurologist who insisted I had migraines, despite my telling her it was not a headache I have, but head pain (there is a difference) physical therapy appointments which caused increased pain due to aggressive massaging of trigger points, many chiropractic visits which did offer some relief, 4 months of yoga, and acupuncture which bring me to Dec. of 2009. I was just past Monday suffering from depression and despair thinking that this would be the rest of my life. I am 52 years old and before this in great health. Yours was the 4th book I have purchased on neck pain, but the only one that even mentioned the scapula and shoulder as being a probable cause. My husband is so happy that I have found an answer he has actually mentioned flying me to Colorado to be seen by you. I anxiously await the film clips that I have ordered and intend to continue the exercises. I have never written any kind of testimonial before but felt I needed to express my thanks to you. Your book has become my bible! Thank you again.


After only one visit with Rick I noticed immediate relief from my chronic neck and knee pain! Rick was able to diagnose my problems and explain the causes quite thoroughly. He prescribed simple exercises from his books “Fixing You: Neck Pain” and “Fixing You: Hip & Knee Pain”. I had previously noticed temporary relief from my neck pain after hatha yoga classes and massages but the neck pain would return by the next day. By incorporating Rick’s advice on postures and movements into my daily routine, I have decreased my incidence of neck and knee pain by 99 percent! I definitely recommend Rick’s services and books if you have recurrent joint pain.


I started going to Rick… and, quite frankly, I was skeptical, to say the least. I had suffered from headaches all my adult life and was set on trying to live my life as a headache sufferer, but decided to see what Rick had to say. In the beginning I was surprised by how much I learned in every session about my head, neck, shoulders, and range of motion. I guess I wasn’t expecting such a physiological approach to my headaches. That was new, but I was intrigued, and like a sponge, I really started getting into learning all I could about the effect my neck and shoulder muscles had on my head. Now, I really did not want to read a medical textbook in the process, so when I picked up Rick’s book, again I was surprised at how straight forward it was. It spelled out Rick’s thought process on my areas of concern, talked about how to strengthen those areas, and most importantly how to move forward to support continued success.

Our sessions continued and every time Rick would ask, “Have you had a headache?” I will never forget his face the time I had to be honest and say, “Yes”– he was really (upset). I was intrigued and surprised at how personally Rick took the news–you would think he had the headache! I was flattered that he really cared about the fact that regardless of what we were trying I got a headache. Much to my surprise at our next session Rick was ready to try some new stretches and had new ideas on how to tackle my issues. This was a turning point in my mind, I was starting to get “mad” at my headaches too and slowly beginning to acknowledge, that maybe just maybe I could battle my headaches without medication–a solution every other health care provider wanted to do to resolve my issue. I am happy to say that I feel we have gotten to the root of my headache triggers, and without Rick’s personal dedication to my concerns I am not sure I ever would have found out how my shoulder played a part in my headaches. Seriously a shoulder (depressed scapula) – who knew? Well Rick figured it out! Ask him for the details!

Can I state matter of factly, I will NEVER suffer another headache in my life? Well obviously not, however I can state in all sincerity, I have the tools, the exercises and the resource (Rick) to know how to offset a headache and that –I do not have to live with headaches for the rest of my life!


Working with Rick…has been a life changing experience. I was referred to Rick by a friend who told me he had some different approaches to treating shoulder pain. I was one year out of surgery and struggling with the same problems. Rick was the first person I saw that taught me WHY my shoulder pain had not gone away. My shoulder had been “fixed” but my biomechanics remained the same. As soon as I started exercising, the same problem arose. After…changing my movement patterns and seeing Rick once a week, my shoulder feels better than it has in 3 years! We were also able to tackle an old problem that I have had for over 10 years.

My back had become an issue after a car accident in 2000. I had countless rounds of PT, visits to doctors, and even steroid injections. Turns out my biomechanics were the culprit again. The summer before I met Rick was the worst ever! I got a puppy and was lifting her improperly and my back just shut down. After working with Rick, I now know WHY this happened and I am CONFIDENT that it won’t happen again.

I think the most rewarding part of working with Rick has been regaining confidence in myself. I now trust myself to workout hard and know I will be ok. I also have learned that being diligent about movement patterns really pays off. No one said it would be easy, but it is SO worth it! Thank you Rick for helping me get my body back on track!


I had severe tennis elbow pain for approximately two years, and had tried several unsuccessful practitioners and their associated recommendations for treatment with the obvious goal to eliminate it. The growing pain affected everything I did—I couldn’t even lift my hand to my mouth or button my shirt without pain. A surgeon operated on my elbow which provided mild relief, but my elbow was still a long way from norm and ready for action. A personal trainer recommended I see Rick who, in just a few sessions, immediately got me on track and completely eliminated my elbow pain. My elbow pain is now gone and my life back to norm, I can’t thank him enough!


I started seeing Rick after many months of back, arm, and just all over muscle aches and pain. I’m only 46 and thought I should not feel this bad, and do not want these problems as I do grow older. A very good friend of mine recommended Rick, so I made the appointment. After just 2 visits I noticed a big improvement, the pain factor was minor and I now knew how to address it to ease it. Now after 4 visits, I feel so much better, I have a simple routine to keep myself in check, and now, am working on a strength program with Rick to keep my body strong as I do get older.

If you want to feel good and stay that way, make the first appointment, you won’t regret it!


At the suggestion of a mutual friend and after dealing with severe back pain for a long time, I finally went to see Rick about 2 months ago. I can’t describe how happy I am with all he has done for me!

I was diagnosed with severe stenosis and spondylolisthesis about 5 years ago and was told that immediate surgery was my only option for possible pain relief. Not being willing to accept that as my only choice, I sought a second opinion, which was essentially the same except for the immediacy of the surgery. In the interim, I’ve tried physical therapy, spinal steroid injections, treatment by an Osteopath, yoga and ongoing pilates sessions. All of these provided some degree of relief, but nothing significant and nothing enduring. I was about to give up and schedule the surgery when I began to see Rick.

He has taken more time to do a careful and thorough diagnosis than all of the others combined! He’s very knowledgeable and thoughtful about what he does and explains all of the complicating factors to me in a way that a layman can understand. This has helped me to be able to help myself. His comprehensive approach, supported by his extensive and diverse background, enables him to discover the causes, not merely treat the symptoms of what for me is a combination of muscular/skeletal issues, injury, and bad habits over a number of years.

With his help, I’m experiencing much less pain than before and have actually had pain-free days for the first time in years. Surgery is no longer in my plan! In terms of all the activities I had given up, his philosophy is “I want you to get your life back” …and it’s working. You’ll find him to be serious about fixing things, but fun to work with. He’ll work you hard, but you’ll enjoy it and it will work.

Finally, Rick is a wonderful, caring person who not only has the knowledge and skills to help but who seems to understand how we feel. He has a great deal of empathy and a kind, supportive manner about him. You’ll respect him as a professional and like him as a person! I guarantee it!!!